Season 4, Episode 1: Fangirls and Feminism: Yonsei Students discuss the transformation of the term “Fangirl”

Series 4, Episode 1 features one guest Charlene, recent graduate from Yonsei University. In this episode, Charlene speaks with members of Yonsei University’s NOVAsia team about the term “Fangirl” and its evolution in today’s society. This podcast focuses on the introspection and analysis of women who like pop culture, our personal experiences with it and how this is associated with stigma and therefore, evolved in a new movement of fangirl activism and charity work.

Guests: Charlene

NOVAsia Team: Sara Upshur, Ana Carolina Elizondo, Simone Liew

Producer/ Main Editor: Ana Carolina Elizondo

Assistant Editor: Sara Upshur

Music: Expression by Pold


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  • Twitter: @NovasiaM
  • Facebook: NOVAsia

NOVAsia is a student-run magazine by students at the Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies.

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