Season 2, Episode 2: Reacting to the US 2020 Election

NOVAsia: This was recorded on 2020/11/06, the USA President had not been announced at the time of recording.

Season 2, Episode 2 features Yonsei GSIS international student Isabelle Emerson. In this episode Emerson talks with fellow American Leslie Hickman and two non-Americans about their reactions to the US 2020 Presidential election results so far. They discuss how the electoral system, other countries views on America, and possible scenarios that will occur after the President of the USA is determined.

Guest: Isabelle Emerson
NOVAsia Team: Dmitriy Kim, Leslie Hickman, Sara Upshur
Cameras: Dmitriy Kim, Sara Upshur
Editor: Sara Upshur
Music: Expression by Pold
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