Season 4, Episode 2: Thailand: Culture, Food, and the Longest Name in the World


Season 4, Episode 2: features one guest from Yonsei University, Eunji Mahitthafongkul. In this episode Eunji and Kanink, a NOVAsia intern, talk about their home country, Thailand. The two are from very different parts of Thailand and have both shared and different experiences. They talk about Thai entertainment, traditions, and food. Eunji also recites the FULL name of the capital of Thailand, which is the longest place name in the world.


Guest: Eunji Mahitthafongkul

NOVAsia Team: Kanink Likitmaneechai, Sara Upshur

Cameras: Ana Carolina Elizondo, Sara Upshur

Producer/Main Editor: Sara Upshur

Assistant Editor: Ana Carolina Elizondo

Music: Expression by Pold



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Sara is a Masters student at Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies. She is originally from Canada and graduated from McMaster University for Communication Studies. Sara came to Korea to study due to her wish to study and learn about the world from various perspectives among other international students. She believes that to understand the world and work with those around her she needs to recognize her own biases. That applies to studying anything from historical aspects of a culture to reading lifestyle and fashion magazines.