Inter-Korean Relations: Perspectives of International Students

The two Koreas remain along the world’s most heavily fortified border since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War, and are technically still in a state of war 70 years after an armistice was signed. Is it possible for North and South Korea to become one country again? In this episode, Yonsei students Louise and Pablo sit down to discuss the inter-Korean relations and share their opinions on the possibility of reunification of the two Koreas.

Guests: Louise Hossien and Pablo Tinoco

Producer/Editor: Xinpei Luo

Camera/Assistant Editor: Erin Tiedemann

Music: Expression by Pold

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Born in China, Xinpei is a graduate student at Yonsei GSIS currently pursuing a master’s degree in global studies. Her interest in independent media has motivated her to become an influencer on Chinese media platforms. After coming to Yonsei, Xinpei is determined to learn more about journalism and international communication, trying to figure out the essence of issues by hearing different voices. Also, she really hopes to become an outstanding hip-hop dancer one day.