Episode 6: Moving Cities – Indonesia moves its capital

Jakarta is sinking. The capital of Southeast Asia’s most populous country can no longer support its own weight, and is sinking into the sea at a record rate. In response, the Indonesian government has decided to move administrative government functions to the island of Kalimantan (also known as Borneo). In this episode of the NOVAsia podcast, we talk with Dima, an Indonesian student at Yonsei GSIS, to hear what she has to say about what this change means to her country.


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Joel Petersson Ivre is a masters student at Yonsei GSIS. His hometown is Stockholm, Sweden and although he considers it the most beautiful place in the world, he has left it several times to study abroad in China and Korea. Joel is a Young Leader at Pacific forum and and intern at East Asia Institute. He is mainly interested in the implications of China's rise for East Asia and the world.

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