NOVAsia Is Hiring: Call For Applications and Contributors!

NOVAsia is Yonsei GSIS’s very own student-run magazine, publishing articles and videos on international trends related to politics, economics, and culture.

HIRING:  This semester we are looking to fill the Media Intern position.

You can apply if you:
• Are a GSIS student at Yonsei University.
• Have an interest in writing or producing non-academic content on topics related to international studies.
• Are passionate about not just building your portfolio, but also contributing to the development of NOVAsia.


Media Intern

– Produce 3 short videos (approximately 10 min) over the semester

– Work with Media Director and media team to learn about different filming techniques and editing softwares

– Scholarship of ₩300,000 for one semester



If you are interested in this position, please send an email to

For the Media Intern Role please include:
• At least one sample of your media work
[If you have ever produced media work, you may submit it. Please include where it was originally released. If possible, please include a link.]

[If you have ever run a social media account for an institution – personal or business – or created content for one, please include that information in your application.]
• Submit two video pitches that you would like to produce

• Details of any other prior media experience, including video and audio production.

• Application Period: February 19, 2024 to March 7, 2024 at 23:59

Interview Period: March 9, 2024 to March 12, 2024
(via Zoom)


• Want to publish an article or produce a podcast episode?
• NOVAsia accepts pitches from anyone and will compensate you for your work!


  • Your article pitch should summarize your article (100 words), outlining the topic and your argument.
  • Article length: 800-1600 words, but this range is flexible
  • Our style is casual but informed. The language should be succinct and engaging, and make the article accessible to readers who do not have prior knowledge of the subject.
  • Reference online sources with embedded hyperlinks. Offline sources (books, interviews) can be referenced directly in the text.
  • We do not write or publish academic articles, so academic footnotes or bibliographies are not necessary.
  • We highly encourage contributors to conduct their own interviews in order to support their argument.
  • Include at least one photo (min 800×600). You must have the usage rights to the photo.

Email your pitch to the Co-Editor-in-Chief at