S4;E3: Home Away From Home: Latin American Students Discuss Their Life Abroad In South Korea

Season 4; Episode 3: From telenovelas to Día de Muertos. What are some cultural aspects that Latin Americans share? In this episode, Yonsei students, Aline Mesquita, Ariana Pesántez and Mariana Macías, explore the similarities and differences that Latinos face living abroad in South Korea and what are the aspects that bring them together as a community.


Guests: Aline Mesquita, Ariana Pesántez and Mariana Macías

Cameras: Ana Carolina Elizondo, Sara Upshur

Producer/Main Editor: Ana Carolina Elizondo

Assistant Editor: Sara Upshur



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About Ana Carolina Elizondo 2 Articles
Ana Carolina Elizondo is now a student at Yonsei GSIS for International Cooperation with a concentration in development. Coming from the northern part of Mexico, Monterrey, Ana Carolina has been interested in the international affairs regarding Asian countries such as Korea, thus finding herself studying in Seoul. With an interest in pop culture, arts and media, she is eager to learn more in the cultural diplomacy that Mexico and Korea share.