S5;E1: What’s Worth Carrying Overseas?


Season 5, Episode 1: Yonsei students Irene Martinez, Imme van Oudheusden, and Xiaoxiao Wang discuss the most important item they packed in their suitcase before immigrating to South Korea. Learn about a special type of corn flour from Columbia, the importance of wearing the right perfume, and the national mascot of the Netherlands!


Guests: Irene Martineze, Imme van Oudheusen, and Xiaoxiao Wang

Producer/Main Editor: Tara Siano

Assistant Editor: Sara Upshur

Music: Expression by Pold



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Tara Siano
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Tara Siano is a Mass Communications graduate currently pursuing a Masters of Korean Studies at Yonsei GSIS. She has an interest in International Communications, and hopes to take her role at Novasia as an opportunity to study news media, journalism, and current events regarding global issues. When not working towards her academic goals of one day becoming a professor, Tara enjoys hiking, yoga, and hosting tea parties (including the perfect cucumber sandwich, of course).