A Future Towards Education Technology

Foteini Giannopoulou, a Master’s student in Global Economy and Strategy at Yonsei GSIS, discusses the benefits and obstacles of education technology as our world leans towards implementing such resources in classrooms around the globe. 


Guest: Foteini Giannopoulou

Filmed/Edited by Beckie Cormier

Produced by Foteini Giannopoulou

Music: Expression by Pold



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Born and raised near Montreal Canada, Beckie is a graduate student pursuing Korean Studies at Yonsei GSIS. Passionate about culture and cinema, she participated in various video documentary projects and had the chance to attend workshops in France and the Philippines. After a one-year exchange at Seoul National University in 2018-2019, Beckie came back to Korea under the Global Korea Scholarship in 2021 to continue deepen her knowledge in history, international relations and artistic productions. Adept of a multidisciplinary approach, she intends to use her human sciences and arts background to explore new subjects in a unique way.